About Cloudtorre

Cloudtorre is a consulting firm that offers breakthrough strategies to help IT companies and business partners of IT vendors capitalize on the opportunities presented by doing business in the Cloud.

Independently and in-partnership with clients we conduct research on new disruptive technologies and share the implications of these technologies on the business of clients via blogs, slideshare, seminars,  speaking engagements, webinars and presentations. We offer consulting services to clients who wish to explore and capitalize on the opportunities presented by technologies that enable a new kind of business that we refer to as Cloud Business.

About Alan Dowzall

Alan Dowzall has dedicated his business career to helping clients discover how they can adopt the Profile of Excellence or Poe as an API for how to do excellent work.  Alan’s mission is to make a difference to business performance by identifying performance gaps in the critical people, process and systems infrastructure of the clients he works with. In nearly two decades working with Microsoft Alan studied what drives excellent execution in the fields of Sales, Marketing and Services. His work laid the foundations for the Business Consulting practice he now leads focused on the Profile of Excellence for doing a new kind of business Alan refers to as Cloud Business.

100% Guarantee

Cloudtorre stands behind the value delivered through the programs we run. If for whatever reason the client does not feel they have received the expected value from a program run by Cloudtorre the money invested in that program by the client is paid back in full. The 100% guarantee comes into effect at the end of day 1 of “The First Step” program and at the end of Day 5 of the “Next Big Step” program
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